April 2019

Investment Outlook

Fidelity Personal Investing's market and investment view

“After the dramatic recovery in markets since the New Year, caution and balance are the watchwords.”

By Tom Stevenson, Investment Director

In this issue

Published on 9 April 2019. The Investment Outlook is published quarterly, the next edition will be available in July 2019. Acknowledgements: I would like to thank the many knowledgeable and experienced people within the wider Fidelity organisation who have helped me develop the ideas in this Investment Outlook. Although the views expressed here do not represent the shared opinion, or house view, of Fidelity’s investment team, the combined expertise of over 380 investment professionals in 13 countries is a very significant resource on which I have been able to lean. In particular, I would like to thank Gary Monaghan, Investment Director in Hong Kong, Jeremy Osborne, Investment Director in Tokyo, Leigh Himsworth, UK Portfolio Manager, Neil Cable, Head of Real Estate, Kasia Kiladis, Investment Director, US, Andrea Ianelli, Investment Director for Fixed Income, Natalie Briggs, Investment Director, Europe, Bill McQuaker, Portfolio Manager, and Ayesha Akbar, Portfolio Manager.

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